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Stiletto Rock Vol. 1 & A Girl's Life (2011)

Stiletto Rock (1-6) = Joan Jett + Cyndi Lauper. A Girl's Life (7-10) = 60s Girl Group + 90s Drum Tracks.

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Electrik Emily


Electrik Emily is a one-woman rock & roll machine.

Spunky guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and sequencing programmer, Electrik Emily revives classic 1980s chord-rock with socially conscious lyrics and a modern day delivery. Emily began her musical career with an all-female rock band emulating the angst and aggression of The Runaways, and since then has played in a variety of bands including an acoustic duo, hardcore quintet, and lo-fi trio. Beginning in 2008, Electrik Emily found her place as a solo artist, writing, recording, producing, and marketing her music in the DIY ethic. Since then, the journey into glitter and grunge continues.

Electrik Emily’s body of work includes a range of archetypal tunes featuring pert guitar solos, feisty synthesizers, and classic drum grooves. Her style echoes iconic artists in the music industry such as Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Heart, The Donnas, Girlschool, and Sleater-Kinney.

Yet, Emily remains fresh with a voice for the current rock & roll generation. She effortlessly incorporates the best pop melodies into her lyrics focused on rebellion, culture, and having fun.

Currently, Electrik Emily is remixing her latest glam-metal followup album "Stiletto Rock Vol. 1." She resides in Seattle, WA, as a writer for the music blog Jukebox Heroines, and volunteer for Rain City Rock Camp For Girls. Listen to her archived radio shows on Women Rock Radio.

Electrik Emily - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keys


Hard Rock


Completed Albums

Stiletto Rock Vol. 1 & A Girl's Life (2011)

Stiletto Rock (1-6) = Joan Jett + Cyndi Lauper. A Girl's Life (7-10) = 60s Girl Group + 90s Drum Tracks.

Cock Rockers   (preferred)
Since Im The Girl
Does Anyone Ask
Im Going Out
Rock and Roll Makes Me Dance
Whos Calling
He Plays With The Band
Mean Mean Man